Wednesday Links: Denver Opens New Light Rail Line

March 1st Links: Updated throughout the day


Denver opens the long awaited R-Line (via Denver Business Journal)

But, is Denver’s new rail line still to orientated around the car? (via Streetsblogs)

Are the Second Avenue Subways a missed architectural opportunity (via Curbed)

Whatever happened to the proposed Utica Avenue Subway extension (2nd Avenue Sagas)

Seattle leads the nation in transit ridership growth (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

Brooklyn Heights residents skeptical about proposed streetcar (Brownstoner)

Columbus, Ohio plans a major bus overhaul (Next City)

Get rid of the transit pass, use credit cards instead? (The Atlantic)


Motorists invade San Fran’s new bike lanes (San Fransisco Examiner)

Uber for bikes makes it big in China (via Bloomberg Technology)

Real Estate

Crown Heights Armory plan gets a new community partner (via Brownstoner)

Thirteen mega projects that are changing US skylines (via Curbed)

Why is an Aids foundation suing to stop LA Development? (via LA Times)

Philly will build affordable housing on vacant lots (Next City)

Urban Policy and Planning

New York’s mayor declares “blood and guts” war on homelessness (NYTimes)

Austin mulls cutting it’s parking requirements by 50% (Streetsblogs)



LA’s mayor is up for re-election soon. Has he challenged any tough issues? (NYTimes)




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