Houston is poised for a major investment in bicycle transportation.

Last week the city’s lawmakers approved a plan to add more than 1,200 miles of bicycle lanes and trails to the nation’s fourth largest city. Though the $300 million program has yet to receive funding, the city council’s approval is a critical step. Possible funding sources include private donations, voter approved bonds, along with incorporation into existing (and funded) capital projects.

The transformative potential of this project is immense. Houston has about 270 high quality, separated bicycle lanes today. The Houston Bicycle Plan will just about triple this network to over 800 miles. Other milage would be added through trail ways, parks and off-street accommodations.

Houston’s commitment to this plan is further evidence of the continued emergence of the bicycle as a competitive mode of transportation. While dense, older cities like New York and Washington have invested heavily in bicycles, the rapid adoption of the bike infrastructure in sunbelt cities like Los Angeles and Houston points to a nationwide urban movement and not a fad that’s confined to a few major cities.

A full description of the plan can be seen in the video below

Featured image via Thomas Hawk on Flickr 

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