This week we officially raised the curtain on Oonee, a patent-pending pod that provides both secure bicycle parking and public space amenities. Oonee is designed to combine a modern, industrial design ethic with unparalleled opportunities for customization through a smart, modular framework.

In creating Oonee, we sought to craft an experience for everyone; cyclists, as well as those who’re just walking by or hanging out. Through a lengthy, iterative process, our project incorporated feedback from a variety of local stakeholder groups–including cyclists, residents, property owners, policy experts and business leaders.

Features: Premium, Iconic Profile

The most recognizable part of Oonee is the distinctive profile of the infrastructure. Conventional form factors, like bike cages and shipping containers, are designed for functionality, with little care for design or architectural value. This approach might work in parking lots and some office parks– but it’s ill suited for the high-visibility public space environments which are typically found in cities.

OONEE at the Brooklyn Navy Yard_photo credit Tyler Finchum(1).jpg
We knew that a conventional bike cage wouldn’t fly in urban spaces. So we completely re-thought how this infrastructure could look. Specific attention was paid to roof and structural support–leading to a classic design that is both sophisticated and industrial

The design is an instant classic– dramatically enhancing surrounding public spaces with distinctive green infrastructure

Features: Convenient, Modular Construction

Each public space is unique. That’s why we knew it was important for Oonee to adapt to a wide variety of site conditions and local environments. During our conversations with property managers we realized that circumstances can often shift; conventional infrastructure is rigid; often costly and cumbersome to adjust.

We made Oonee to be the opposite– dynamic, versatile, iterative and malleable. The modular structure of the Pod allows for a wide degree of shapes, sizes and features; each pod is unique.


Unlike conventional infrastructure, which often requires a flatbed and expensive moving equipment, Oonee only requires a standard moving truck and a small crew to set up.
The base of the structure is compromised of water barriers, a feature that serves as a ballast; providing both structural support and flexibility. When full the barriers can collectively weigh several tons. The barriers can be emptied ahead of adjustments or de-installation.

The supporting frame can be snapped in. A standard pod, like the one seen in the photos above, features about 270 components.

The entire pod can be built on-site in just 24 hours, and can be adjusted or iterated after installation

Features: Optimization for Branding & Sponsorship

In addition to the modular features, Oonee supports a wide array of branding opportunities. The aluminum exterior can be covered in vinyl wrap, while the large-backlit displays can support artwork and other creative content.

Oonee is a canvass for creativity.

The large displays can support backlit translucent and perforated vinyl wraps. These graphics can swapped out with ease to support dynamic campaigns or branding changes.
The base can support high-resolution vinyl wrapping, allowing for a paint-like finish and variety of textures.
The roof also supports high quality vinyl wrapping, which can be used to support branding, placemaking or both.
OONEE Night View_photo credit Shabazz Stuart(1).jpg
Exterior branding panels are translucent and illuminate during the evening hours adding another branding opportunity. The LED lights are color adjustable and dimmable

Features: Secure, Efficient and Spacious Interior

The access controlled interior is accessed by a keycard or bluetooth enabled mobile device. Inside, we’ve designed a space that’s both highly efficient, secure and user-friendly.

IMG_0268 (1)
The spacious interior can support bicycles and scooters. Bright interior lighting and perforated create a sense of safety and security for the user.
High quality vertical bike racks provide maximum storage per square foot of space.

Features: Roof

The roof can support solar panels, greenery, lighting and other placemaking or utility features. Like the other parts of the pod, the rook combines form and function.

Green options for the roof can enhance public spaces with local or seasonal plantings.

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