About Me

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I generally discuss urban policy, planning and development issues with a mix of entrepreneurship and business. I welcome comments and feedback.

Please feel free to shoot me an e-mail at shabazz@ooneepod.com or to follow me on twitter @shabazzstuart

Admittedly, I’ve always been quite terrible at filling out these sorts of things. So below, I’ve split my “bio” into easy to decipher sections.

Current Activities

Oonee, Founder and CEO

I worked with a very talented streetscape designer to create a smart, scalable solution for bike and scooter parking in dense urban centers like New York, Boston and London. I’ve had 3 bikes either stolen or vandalized beyond salvaged over 5 years… so I’m passionate about solving this problem.

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Past Activities

I was the Deputy Director of Operations for the Downtown Brooklyn Partnership until January 2017. My work there involved managing a portfolio of over 1.1 million square feet of public space in and around Downtown Brooklyn. I was in charge of installing, maintaining and analyzing information from Downtown Brooklyn’s pedestrian counting camera system. I also participated in or led several economic development grant initiatives, including a $150,000 New York State facade improvement program for businesses in Downtown Brooklyn.

Before that I was a Special Projects Consultant to the Urban Ambassadors Program at the New York City Department of Education. There, I wrote the curricular framework for a successful extra curricular program that targeted high-potential young men of color in New York’s public schools. I returned, after the program had launched, to help scale the pilot to a 2nd and 3rd cohort.


Proud alum of the following institutions:

How I Became Interested in Urban Issues

Ever since I could walk, I was fascinated by trains and subways. Growing up in New York provided endless opportunities to further develop that interest. As I got older, i also became interested in history and architecture, particularly skyscrapers. I also developed a concurrent interest in politics and national policy.

By the time I was 21, and with a little inspiration from Jane Jacobs, those interests had converged into a general passion for cities, urban policy, and how we live in dense metropolitan environments.

How I Became an Urban Cyclist

I didn’t begin cycling for transport until I was a senior in college. I was about 65 pounds overweight and bought a bike as a way to start a new active lifestyle. I would bike from Tufts to Boston’s Back Bay to see a personal trainer about 3x per week. Not only did I lose about 70 pounds, I also fell in love with the bike. What a wonderful and efficient way to travel.

Fun Fact #1

Unlike most of my American counterparts, I don’t have a drivers license and I never learned to drive a automobile. I’m currently 27 and the goal is to at least learn by the time I’m 30.

Family Background

I’m a proud first generation Caribbean American. My mother hails from Barbados, and my dad hails from North Carolina.

Current Place of Residence

I currently live in Crown Heights, Brooklyn. One of the best places ever.