I created Oonee to build a scalable bike parking solution for cities. As travel by bikes and small vehicles like electric scooters takes off, theft and vandalism have become unavoidable pain points. According to one Montreal survey, one of the most comprehensive ever done on bike theft, about 50% of all active cyclists have experienced theft at least once. The study also found that about 7% of theft victims never replaced their bikes, and only about 36% even bothered to report their theft to the authorities.

That’s astonishing

Here in New York, those figures translate, when accounting for unreported bike thefts, into about 15,000 stolen bikes per year or $3.2 million in property. If just 7% of riders don’t replace their bikes after experiencing theft, that’s about 1,050 people per year. Over five years, that’s 5,250 riders that aren’t cycling due to theft. These figures don’t account for the commuters who are deterred from riding due to fear of theft.

If cycling is ever going to become a mainstream mode of transport this has to change.

The Oonee Solution

Oonee leverages stylish modular design, information tech and a creative business model to create a truly scalable system.

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