Introducing Oonee

This week we officially raised the curtain on Oonee, a patent-pending pod that provides both secure bicycle parking and public space amenities. Oonee is designed to combine a modern, industrial design ethic with unparalleled opportunities for customization through a smart, modular framework.

In creating Oonee, we sought to craft an experience for everyone; cyclists, as well as those who’re just walking by or hanging out. Through a lengthy, iterative process, our project incorporated feedback from a variety of local stakeholder groups–including cyclists, residents, property owners, policy experts and business leaders.

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Four Things I Learned About Raising Money

Last week our company officially closed the book on our first round of financing. We couldn’t be more excited to dedicate our full attention to product development and other elements of the business.

This was my first time at the helm of a startup’s financing round and I’ve learned quite a few lessons, large and small. Here are some of the most important ones:

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